Entitlement Mindset is Killing Your Potential | Yes You Have One; We All Do. Find Yours and Kill It Before it Kills You.

“An entitlement mentality is a state of mind in which an individual comes to believe that privileges are instead rights, and that they are to be expected as a matter of course.” – Conservapedia

One huge issue we actually all deal with and sadly many of us aren’t even awake to the fact that we struggle with it is: an Entitlement Mindset. Simply put, it is any area where you feel you deserve something. It can be a raise at work, more time off at work, or in a relationship it could be you feel you deserve someone to treat you differently, etc. Sounds harsh right? Correct. It is harsh. Wake up and see where you feel entitled, where you feel you deserve something. These feelings are killing your potential. They lead to resentment, frustration, anger, depression and more. If you even want to remotely feel free you need to hunt and destroy any feelings of entitlement.

Take time to authentically and humbly self reflect every area of your life until you all of your entitlements. Try to learn and discover what leads you to feel this why and start asking yourself in an honest and deep way how you are responsible for this and not the other person or the situation. That is KEY. The antidote to entitlement is a mindset of extreme ownership. By that I mean take responsibility for who you are, what you have become thus far in your life and for what you can yet become. The power of being a human being is that of creating your own world around you. So if you want an improved relationship, a raise at work, and so on and so on – then create it. It is up to you and no one else. Once you believe this 100% you will not feel entitled you will will feel empowered. Others’ successes won’t make you jealous. Resentment will fade, and so on.

Here is a short list of self evaluating questions to help determine whether you struggle with entitlement. This list is not even remotely exhaustive but it is a great start:

Am I entitled?

  1. Do I expect a different set of rules for myself than others by seeking exceptions?
  2. Do I feel put off when others ask me for help?
  3. Do you feel upset when others don’t show an interest in you and your world?
  4. Do I disregard rules, laws and policies?
  5. Am I disrespectful to those who serve me, like teachers, custodians, parents?
  6. Am I a freeloader?
  7. Do I not honor my word? Late, break appointments, etc.
  8. Do I inconvenience others?
  9. Do I cheat on tests or exams?
  10. Do I willingly serve or donate to charities?
  11. Do I deserve something more than what I currently have at work? More pay? More time off? A promotion?
  12. Do I feel I deserve a spouse/loved one to be a certain way? Feel a certain way?

In this podcast we break down some of the real life struggles we all face with entitlement. Check it out:

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