GOALS – Fix your perspective and learn the real principles behind GOALS; Spoiler alert… society may have goals all wrong.



There is no such thing as accidental success. We must be very intentional. Success is manifested by those who set and work towards goals. 


Goals are really an Evolutionary Experience. Feel the journey and take in the experience.


“Put a deadline on your dreams and they become goals.” If your goal is achievable then you probably didn’t dream big enough. Dream big, dream massive – then take even more massive action towards your goals. This is the experience of goals. This pursuit is incredibly powerful and intrinsically motivating. The action is key, the pursuit is everything. Start thinking of goals like this: GOals. GO and do. GO take massive action. Engage in the pursuit of a dream.


Just before you reach your goal you should ratchet it up to the next level and continue in the pursuit. Stay in teh fight. Stay engaged. This is where the joy really is. We all know those “one and done” sorts of people who are only results oriented and once they reach a goal their joy is so fleeting then they go back to their miserable life focusing only on the results.


Live better. Set GOals like a champion. Be a dreamer. Be better today than you were yesterday. #AffectEpic


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