Live and operate with integrity. Feel the difference. Feel the liberation and the power of life with integrity.

The world thinks Integrity is “doing the right thing when no one is looking.” Everyone typically makes the mistake of thinking integrity is a moral and ethical issue. While it can very well be an ethical issue, Integrity is much better understood by Harvard Professor Michael Jensen: “Integrity is a matter of a person’s word – nothing more and nothing less.”

A person’s word can mean so much. It can be something you understand as implied behavior in a given context. Of course it is doing what you say you will do. It is also doing what is expected of you even if not explicitly communicated. Integrity is all about workability. If you operate and live with a high level of integrity then you are powerful. You have a magnetic power where you are counted on and relied upon and what you say really goes. And what you stand for really is important. People and business are drawn to integrity because it is workable.

In this podcast we discuss real life examples people and businesses who are IN integrity and those who are OUT. You are always in or out. There is no grey area with integrity. When you live and operate with a high level of integrity you will feel free from the chains of a life lacking integrity. For example, there is no such thing as a time management problem – only an integrity problem. Be careful and intentional as to what you give your word to and then honor your word. You will then find that you don’t have time management problems any more. You have the same 24 hours in a day that every uber successful titan of business ever had.

Live and operate with integrity. Feel the difference. Feel the liberation and the power of life with integrity.

Link to Michael Jensen’s incredible and groundbreaking article on integrity: IntegrityAPositiveModelbyMichaelJensen


Ben Dodge, Co-Founder

A multi successful entrepreneur, an attorney, and an active extreme endurance athlete. Ben brings his diverse background and passion into helping individuals and corporations obtain their own epic growth.

With over 10 years consulting and counseling clients, Ben’s perspective and experience is a phenomenal beginning to affecting epic in your individual and business identities. He fundamentally believes that we are each capable of more than we can imagine. Reaching our epic growth is based in principles and laws of success. Ben has internalized these principles and coaches clients along their journey to affecting epic.

Ben’s background includes founding multiple successful law firms, non profit foundations, a variety of small businesses, and other corporate and investment firms. He has competed in 8 Ironman triathlons, graduated from the Navy Seal Kokoro Camp Class of 26, raced in 50 and 100 mile ultra marathons, and most recently was one of only 9 finishers in the Race Across the West (a 930.4 mile non stop bicycle race from Oceanside Ca to Durango Co). Due to his successful finish in RAW, Ben qualified and is training to race the 3,000+ non stop bicycle race, Race Across America, in June of 2018. Ben is possibly the most determined, committed and dynamic individual you will ever meet.

Investing in your self always reaps the greatest rewards. Move from successful to ultra successful in virtually every aspect of your life. Learn to live every moment with intention and clear purpose. Identify, develop, and tap into your own powerful source of grit and determination. Ben’s focus is to help you internalize the tools to affecting epic in all that you are and do so you can begin seeing epic results in your individual and business aspirations.

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