One More Day

The poet Kathy J Parenteau thoughtfully represented each of us, when she wrote:

danielIf I could have just one more day and wishes did come true,

I’d spend every glorious moment side by side with you.

Recalling all the years we shared and memories we made,

how grateful I would be to have just one more day…

When that day came to a close and the sun began to set

a million times I’d let you know I never will forget…

How grateful I would be to have just one more day.


We’ve all longed for one more day.  If you could have one, what would your experience be?  How would you bring yourself to it?  If you would be any different than you are, why not make today remarkable?

asadoI had the privilege of living in Argentina as a young adult, for a couple years, serving strangers that would become lifelong friends.  I developed a powerful love for them, and the day I departed was more painful than the day I left my family and country two years earlier.  I knew I’d see my family in time, but I didn’t know if I’d ever see my Argentine friends again.  Twenty-two years later, I had the privilege to return, visiting 3 of the cities I lived in, for one more day.  Words can’t describe what I felt as we embraced anew.  Abrazos and besos, words of affection and appreciation.  And of course, sharing incredible Argentine cuisine, including asado, milanesa, lomitos, empanadas and facturas!

Only having one day in each city, every minute was valuable and intentional.  A singular event.  But does it have to be?  I’m a realist and recognize that every day can’t be singular.  However, I know the power of one day, a gift we each possess, to really make a difference in the world, to bring joy and hope.  The gift of today is a miracle.  What do I want to do with today?  Who do I want to influence?  Who can I serve?  Who can I make a difference for?  Who am I overlooking in my world?  Tomorrow only exists in words and dreams.  Today is all I really have.  One more day… What will I do with it?

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