Individual Coaching

1 on 1 Performance Coaching

Individual Principle Based Executive Performance Coaching. Our highly qualified coaches are available for individual, executive consulting to help you maximize your epic growth.  The growth of any organization is dependent on the growth of its leader.

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Corporate Leadership Training

Corporate Leadership Training courses are held with the "top brass" of your company and are designed to develop the skills, mindset and leadership traits necessary to affect epic growth as a team.

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Affect Epic Seminars

Personal and Corporate Leadership Development, delivered fresh, applicable, relevant and interactive. These courses are intense and provide a condensed structure of the principles used by Affect Epic in developing the character, mindset, communication, and leadership traits necessary for success.

Step One to Epic Growth

Contact Affect Epic today to schedule a consultation and begin affecting your epic potential with one of our executive performance coaches. Schedule a corporate training course for your employees or executive leadership team. Experience personalized principle based performance coaching. Affect Epic will help you recognize real growth, epic growth.