Show Up For Life

A statement abounding in intention. Born out of true commitments are one’s intentions clarified and discovered. The essence of Show Up for Life is being present in all you do, be awake to what is around you, and act with intention.

As a powerful and epic human being you can move through this world acting upon it, leaving your legacy, literally creating the world around you. This is showing up for life. Not showing up for life is the opposite, it is being created by everything and everyone around you. It is in a sense the easy and lazy way out. It is reactionary and not proactive at all. Not showing up for life is like being asleep to your world around you and your own potential. It is like wandering around without intention or purpose. Everything then has the capacity to derail you and put you in bondage to the circumstances surrounding every situation you encounter. I choose to live free. I choose to liberate myself from me by waking up, by showing up for life.

There are many who live a life burdened by unnecessary complications, baggage, hurt, ego, insecurity, pride, sadness, self doubt, depression, addiction, and more. These are they who move the this world believing that they do not have the power to change it. These are they who blame others or circumstances for their misfortune or even their good fortune.

When you learn to show up for life you understand that you are always creating in everything you think, say, and do. Understand that you can’t avoid creating. You are always creating in everything you do or don’t do, in everything you say or don’t say. You are always creating. So you can create by what you didn’t think, didn’t say, or didn’t do just as epically as by what you do think, say, and do.

You are a creator. You have the power to create your world around you. Show Up for Life. Learn, and live these principles of “Show Up For Life.” The foundational principles underlying what I describe as Show Up For Life are essential in taking the appropriate action to make lasting changes in your life

Ben & Sonja Dodge – Norway

Principle 1 – “WAKE UP!”

These include the principle that most of us are asleep to our own issues, paradigms, and potential. It all begins by waking up. Can’t show without first waking up! WAKE UP. WAKE UP. WAKE UP. It is worth repeating it that obnoxiously. So important to be awake to your own flaws, dreams, potential, etc. Waking up is not easy. It is hard work. It takes a willingness to look inside yourself deeply no mater how uncomfortable or painful this may be. Looking into yourself is going into what we call a state of inquiry. Go into inquiry. Take time to deeply reflect on some tough questions like why you feel a certain way. For some acknowledging that you even feel a certain feeling is a big deal and I honor you for taking that step. However, the type of inquiry I am referencing in regards to waking up will lead to more and more discovery peeling back more and more layers to where the “why” begins to manifest itself in your search. Waking up opens a door to what feels like a whole new world for you. You literally see things for the first time. You experience life completely differently than what you have ever known. The same daily routines you have become something entirely different to you, or changed, or even abandoned all together because now you are awake!

Principle 2 – “Commitment”

Only after we wake up can we truly discover what we are committed too. Commitments speak to our personal purpose in life and provide a basis for which we can effectively create our world around us. Without commitments to anchor our actions we simply blow around wherever extraneous circumstances send us. Commitment is absolutely and unmistakably one of the most important principles that separates you from uselessness. Understanding, and knowing what you are committed too is what creates in you the possibility to act with intention.

What do I mean when I say commitment? There are more thoughts and principles behind commitment than I could possibly cover in this little intro here, but know this, Commitment is the willingness to move a mountain with a spoon. Plain and simple, it is being willing to do whatever is necessary. End of story. Living with commitment is powerful. It is what makes you an epic human being. You can’t possibly know what you are committed to without first waking up. You can’t possibly reflect and make important decisions about what it is you want to be committed to moving forward¬†without first waking up. Again, WAKE UP. Now that you are awake look at who you want to become, what you want to accomplish, what you want to create in this world. For some this may be a meaningful and lasting relationship. For others, it may be to rule the corporate world as CEO of some mega billion dollar company. Who cares, it doesn’t matter – what matters is that you can literally commit to whatever you want. Remember that commitments are not goals. You can fall short of a goal. You can quit a goal. There is no quitting in commitment. By definition it is doing whatever is necessary. For example, I am committed to being an incredible husband and creating an incredible relationship with my wife. I am not perfect and I may screw this up from time to time (as she would probably attest). But because I am committed to it divorce is not an option for me when things get hard. Quitting is not an option for me when things get hard. Because of my commitment I can slow down when things get hard and identify what my intentions are in any given moment and see if they align with my commitment. This may help me not shoot off my mouth when tempted.

True commitment must be cultivated, discovered, and most of all chosen. You can chose to be committed. When you commit then there is no quit. Remember, that living a life with commitments is living a life of purpose as opposed to uselessness. Living a life of commitment creates the possibility to act with intention.

Principle 3 – Intention

Have you ever stopped in the middle of whatever you were doing and wondered why you were even doing it? Maybe you were eating your 3rd doughnut and you weren’t even hungry and in the middle of the doughnut you’re like: “I’m not even hungry.” Then you continue to eat that doughnut anyways. This is a minor example of having zero clue as to what your intention is. This gets much worse when you apply it to your relationships. Now picture yourself at work just going through the motions and tasks of whatever fires present themselves that day. You show up for work only to handle whatever is required. Only satisfying the minimum level of attention required by which ever email is starred as important, or which ever voicemail sounded most urgent, etc. moving through your to do list until gets closer to completion and then you clock out and go home. Or worse, you get home and you just plop down on the couch and start watching your favorite show or sports program without even meaningfully engaging with your children or spouse/significant other.

Now lets say you acted with intention. Lets say that you are awake and you know what you are committed too. For example, you are committed to being the best ______________ (insert job title or job aspiration) at work that ever existed. How would your day look now when you clocked in at work? Or, even better, you are committed to being an incredible spouse and parent. When you get home from work how would this look now? See the difference? With commitment comes the possibility to act with intention. You could pause and generate a clear intention to at work to make sure your employer was satisfied with _________ important task. Or at home an intention to make sure your spouse/significant other felt heard and was acknowledged for their day. Out of these intentions your actions could be night and day different. You could have taken some leadership at work and got a task done much earlier than requested because of your intention and commitment. At home you could have had an amazing conversation with your spouse and connected with him/her on a whole new level. Or you could have engaged with your children in a way that they would never forget and create a memory you would forever cherish with them. Or relate with them over a difficult issue they are struggling with.

Do you see the importance of showing up for life?! Do you see that you can’t possibly act with meaningful intention without first waking up and understanding your commitments? Wake up. Commit. Clarify your intention and move through this world creating everything you want around you. You can influence this world. You can influence those relationships all around you. You can make a difference. Create what aligns for you.

Do you want more success? Do you want a marriage that works? Do you want to be happy? Do you want to be epic? Then Show Up For Life. You got this.





Ben Dodge, Co-Founder

A multi successful entrepreneur, an attorney, and an active extreme endurance athlete. Ben brings his diverse background and passion into helping individuals and corporations obtain their own epic growth.

With over 10 years consulting and counseling clients, Ben’s perspective and experience is a phenomenal beginning to affecting epic in your individual and business identities. He fundamentally believes that we are each capable of more than we can imagine. Reaching our epic growth is based in principles and laws of success. Ben has internalized these principles and coaches clients along their journey to¬†affecting epic.

Ben’s background includes founding multiple successful law firms, non profit foundations, a variety of small businesses, and other corporate and investment firms. He has competed in 8 Ironman triathlons, graduated from the Navy Seal Kokoro Camp Class of 26, raced in 50 and 100 mile ultra marathons, and most recently was one of only 9 finishers in the Race Across the West (a 930.4 mile non stop bicycle race from Oceanside Ca to Durango Co). Due to his successful finish in RAW, Ben qualified and is training to race the 3,000+ non stop bicycle race, Race Across America, in June of 2018. Ben is possibly the most determined, committed and dynamic individual you will ever meet.

Investing in your self always reaps the greatest rewards. Move from successful to ultra successful in virtually every aspect of your life. Learn to live every moment with intention and clear purpose. Identify, develop, and tap into your own powerful source of grit and determination. Ben’s focus is to help you internalize the tools to affecting epic in all that you are and do so you can begin seeing epic results in your individual and business aspirations.

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