The Power of a Good Mentor

The Power of a GOOD Mentor

Don’t take financial advice from a person on welfare??? Some truth to that, but that ignores so many people that you can learn from. Just because someone is a great performer doesn’t mean they are a great coach either.

Some highlights from this podcast:

  • Without growth, there is no joy.

  • Transformation vs. information. Don’t get stuck in always needing to learn more. Get into action.

  • Action brings inspiration. It primes the pump.

  • Coaching isn’t easy. Addresses fears head on. Avoidance.

  • Coaches won’t let you quit. Coaches won’t believe your self-imposed limitations. Help see that the impossible is possible.

  • A good coach will connect you to your mission, your purpose, what you are truly committed to.
  • A great coach will demonstrate leadership, not just talk about leadership. They are seeking to grow themselves as much as they are helping you to grow.

If you feel a burning desire to accomplish something more or alternatively feel like life is flat and frustrating without purpose- then you may be ready for a professional mentor. Take action and affect epic changes in your life.

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