The Power of Faith/Belief & How It Leads Your Actions

Faith as a principle of power  

Lets be clear that we do not mean faith in the context of religion (although it applies there as well). We mean faith in the context of belief that propels action. Strong character increases your capacity to exercise faith and as you act in faith, you fortify your character. Faith and character are inseparable.


You can create your world around you or be created by the world around you. You are a creator. Constantly creating. This requires clear intentions and much commitment, but it all starts with FAITH/BELIEF.


Faith/Belief is the foundation of creation. Without faith, you won’t create. Faith/Belief is the foundation of change. Faith is a foundation of the growth mindset that your brain, talents and abilities can grow. Faith is the foundation to self-mastery. Faith is the foundation to leadership, inspiring others to follow your actions and believe your words. Faith is a foundation of motivation, believing that you are capable of doing and being. Motivation comes from feeling, not knowing. We all “know enough”. What we lack is motivation to act, and at the root of that is a lack of faith. Faith gives you the ability to look past the challenges of the moment and into the future of powerful creation. Faith is all about the future. It is built on the past, but doesn’t live there. It lives in the future. Faith is the great moving power that changes lives.

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