The World Has “Habits” Completely Wrong – How Even Your Good Habits are Making You Mediocre – Discover a Better Way.

Scientists have confirmed that habits form and operate from an entirely separate part of the brain responsible for memory. You can literally make unconscious choices without having to remember your decision making process. In other words you can be unengaged, not present, subconsciously doing whatever you are doing. THIS IS NO WAY TO LIVE.

For example, how many times have you exited the freeway at the wrong exit because of habit? Learn how even good habits are limiting your potential.

What do you do when acting out of habit? You are simply surrendering control to what is comfortable. Never be comfortable. That’s right, we are telling you that you should want to be uncomfortable. You should always retain choice and choose something uncomfortable that requires you to be present and fully engaged. This is how you start reaching for the stars. If you are acting out of habit and already reaching the stars then wake up and start reaching for other galaxies. Be present and consciously choose what you will be doing, thinking, and how you will behave in every situation. This is the power of intentionality.

Even Good Habits are killing you right now. They are stunting your growth.

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