Warrior Camp

Warrior Camp is the most challenging, inspiring training available to teenagersIt is the world’s premier training event for developing champion character. It is not meant to be easy.

Warrior Camp is the first step in becoming a warrior, a soldier, before mastering the essence of Champion. Warrior Camp is intentionally designed to be difficult and raw. It will expose some tough moments for everyone there. Our desire is to see each participant successfully complete the camp; however we know that for some the temptation to quit may be too great. Our intention is to be with each participant in a way that will help them see themselves as someone who is capable of accomplishing more than they believed possible.

Our intention with Warrior Camp is to create opportunities where you will experience incredible personal growth. Developed on the foundation of commitment and discipline, this intentional 30+ hour Warrior Camp will push you beyond what you believed was possible. You will affect epic. You will learn what it is to be a Warrior. You will start your journey to become a champion.

There will be no time for sleep. Very little to eat. The physical demands are intense and some prerequisite physical fitness is absolutely required. See the page Physical Fitness Standards for more information. There will be a strict discipline taught throughout the duration of the camp.

Register today. Space is in Warrior Camp is extremely limited. These camps are capped on purpose to keep class size down for creating effective experiences. Check out which Warrior Camp date works best for you.

For Parents

How can I help prepare my son or daughter to attend your warrior camp? Great question. A good start is to stop doing things for them that they ought to do for themselves. You should not sign them up unless they want to go. Without a desire to be there themselves your child will likely quit... we could be wrong on this point, but make no mistake that Bellator Camp will likely be the single most difficult thing your child has ever attempted to complete.

During the camp you can take care of and hold their cell phones. They won't need them at all.

Unless specifically invited by the instructors of your child's camp we ask that you refrain from coming to or following us through out the Warrior Camp experience.

Sign a waiver. They are a part of the registration and application forms.

We strongly recommend that parents drop off and pick up their warriors. Exhaustion will likely hinder their ability to safely drive home.

We also have an email newsletter dedicated to the parents. This will include relevant camp information and the principles we will be teaching your son or daughter. Staying in touch with this will help prepare your son or daughter for Warrior Camp as well as help create the opportunity for you to participate in the process of growth with your young warrior. You can sign up for the parents newsletter here:

Finally, you may need to help and assist them with their gear list. The required gear is essential and we have located very affordable online options for them. All the required gear and links for affordable online options are on the Gear List page.

Weekly Pro Tips and Warrior Camp Insights for the Participants

Be prepared for success. As a participant you are eligible to receive pro tips and weekly Warrior Camp insights via email. Don't miss out on this free service to prepare to conquer Warrior Camp.