Our Approach

At Affect Epic we believe the potential behind every person is limitless. Tapping into this potential is how you can affect epic results in your life, relationships, and business. We are in the business of building people using time tested principles. Our passion is helping others wake up from the life they currently live and seeing them start living the life of their potential.

Our Story

After decades of counseling, teaching, leadership development, and coaching, Ben and Erik decided they can impact more individuals, families, and businesses by joining their unique talents. In 2016, Affect Epic LLC, a national human development and consulting group was born. Together they boast years of experience in entrepreneurship, leadership development, business consulting, and individual and corporate coaching.

Meet the Team

Ben Dodge


Ben is a successful attorney, entrepreneur, and avid extreme endurance athlete. He has influenced countless individuals, families, and corporations to reach new and sustainable growth from within and without, to achieve their epic.

Erik Huso


Respected leadership coach, teacher, and entrepreneur, Erik has powerfully influenced thousands of individuals, families, schools and entrepreneurs transform their businesses, health and relationships.

Step One to Epic Growth

Contact Affect Epic today to schedule a consultation and begin affecting your epic potential with one of our executive performance coaches. Schedule a corporate training course for your employees or executive leadership team. Experience personalized principle based performance coaching. Affect Epic will help you recognize real growth, epic growth.