Erik Huso, Co-Founder

A distinguished entrepreneur, teacher, mentor and coach, Erik is a powerful leader in human development.  Erik has literally helped thousands of individuals create potent futures through his mentoring and coaching.   “The unexamined life is not worth living.” (Socrates)  Together we intentionally explore principles of success, principles of creation, principles of power and principles of relating that affect epic in everything you do.

Living your life in crescendo is an axiom that Erik has demonstrated and taught.  An accomplished musician in high school, Erik received a full-ride music performance scholarship to Arizona State University and subsequently started a thriving private music studio to help other budding musicians achieve greatness.  Erik followed his dream of being an educator, creating epic moments on a daily basis, one class, one student at a time.  He was quickly noted as a leader and was given mentoring and coaching assignments helping new teachers become effective and powerful.  Meanwhile, Erik satisfied his entrepreneurial spirit, and founded successful businesses in the swimming pool, health and wellness, real estate, leadership development and consulting industries.

Erik is a three time Ironman finisher and uses those experiences to help others see possibilities, overcome fear, biases, challenges and failures to affect epic results in their lives.

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Recognize your own power to affect epic changes from within and without. Realize real growth and real success. Performance inside and outside the boardroom starts with fundamental leadership principles. 12 month Executive Coaching plans with Erik Huso are the beginning of your own journey to affecting epic.