“Hardship doesn’t build character, it reveals it.” Commitment and Determination Applied through the Race Across France.

If you think you can build strength in character during your trials and hardships you are gravely mistaken. Hardship doesn’t build character it reveals it. Hardship can strengthen what you already have or blow up and expose the weaknesses you struggle with. What you forge through adversity is really fought and won before your adversity has even started.


The secret to demonstrating incredible strength of character, commitment, and determination is to be Intentional, possess clear commitments, and live authentically and in alignment with them long before you step foot on the battleground of adversity. Then and only then will the adversity make you whole and strengthen what you have already built. Otherwise, you step onto the battlefield ill prepared, mentally weak, and you will crack wide open when it finally gets hard enough.


Commitment is doing whatever it takes. How committed are you? Are your commitments clear? Do you keep them unfettered from distraction? Do you slump into a self pity party and victim mentality when it gets too hard? Most of us do. Now is the time to shore up your character. The phrase “prove yourself in battle” is intentional about demonstrating what you already have built up… not a invitation to build the strength you now need while out there.


Find your legacy within you. Know your “why” and be willing to do whatever it takes to demonstrate it when necessary. Build it now through clear commitments and precise intentional conduct according to your commitments and in alignment with them and your life’s purpose. Then you will have the strength of character needed to endure the hardships that await.

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