Leadership Somnambulism

Have you ever woken up to find yourself in an unusual place, and wondered how you got there?  You may have found yourself in your pantry eating, in your car, or in the middle of the street.  You may notice it then, or maybe not until the next day, when you find crumbs in your bed, your door open, or an unusual post on social media you made in the middle of the night.  If so, you suffer from somnambulism, commonly known as “sleepwalking”.  This sleep disorder affects less than 5% of adults.  Sometimes comical, sometimes disturbing, and sometimes outright dangerous, somnambulism must be addressed to avoid undesirable consequences.

While relatively few adults experience somnambulism, what percentage go through their days living, yet asleep?  Asleep to the possibilities in front of them?  Asleep to loved ones and their needs?  Asleep to their circle of influence?  Asleep to their ability to create?  Asleep to their power to choose?  Asleep to the power of intention?

Sleepwalking is the combined phenomenon of being asleep and awake.  As you look at your life, what portion of your day, your week, your month, your year, or your life have you been sleep walking?  Socrates wisely taught that “the unexamined life is not worth living.”  A large part of the work of affect epic is helping individuals “wake up” to who they are and the possibilities that exist within them to affect epic results in their personal and professional lives.

Six years ago while on a long run with a friend, he commented, “I’ve reached every goal I set for myself.  I’m happily married, I graduated from medical school, I have a beautiful family, I own a nice home, I own a successful medical practice, now what?”  I had no answer.  I was in a similar situation and began to reflect on my own life.  I realized that I had hit a professional plateau; that I was suffering from leadership somnambulism.  Since that epic jog, I became an avid reader, I accepted a job transfer out of state, I changed my career, and I hired a performance coach.  Not just any coach, but the world’s most powerful coach.  I recognized that I was a deep sleeper and needed the best to wake me up to what was really possible.  “Know Thyself” became an axiom to live by, and a driving motivator to help others be awake to their possibilities.  And life has never been better!

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