Orchestrating Excellence: Superb Leadership Principles Demonstrated by Brandon Stewart and EVMCO

Superb leadership demonstrated by the legendary conductor Brandon Stewart is fueled chiefly by what we experienced as a Relentless Commitment to Excellence. In this podcast Erik Huso and Ben Dodge discuss the powerful and incredible effect of Brandon Stewart’s leadership style through the MCO organization. Through this organization Brandon has been able to command the ultimate performance, respect, and standard of excellence in a most amazing performance experience. Whether you are a member of the organization or a lucky attendee of one of his concerts, you will forever be changed by the experience of it all. This experience is a direct result of Brandon’s leadership and its powerful impact. We break it down into understandable principles you can apply to your life and business. Start implementing them now and experience what lies ahead for you! You can also check out more here on their website about any upcoming performances: http://www.millennial.org/about-mco/.

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