Powerband Leadership

Heights.  Speed.  Open water.  All crippling fears for me growing up.  My older brother was fearless, a daredevil, and extreme sport junkie.  Crazy to think about, but so was my best friend in high school.  Not to mention I married into a family of dirt bike enthusiasts.  And then there was me, too afraid to take a risk.  I’m the kid at the top of the waterfall taking thirty minutes to get coaxed to jump.   I was the one on the sideline not taking a turn, paralyzed by fear, but expert in hiding it, surrounded by thrill junkies.  How I did it I’ll never know.

That changed in 2002.  In return for building his swimming pool, my brother gave me his CR 250 dirt bike.  My first dirt bike.  Besides the neighbors 50cc that I rode once or twice as a 4th grader (and stopped after a friend crashed it into a block wall…), this would be the first time I’d ride.  Man it looked beautiful in my garage.  My first ride I did alone, too afraid to have others see me, in case of failure.  In one word, WOW!  One ride and I was hooked.  The responsiveness of the throttle.  Pure acceleration.  The suspension ate up ruts and bumps like a snack.  Total absorption.  The freedom of riding through the desert, with the cool air blowing on your face, I sensed independence and a power that I’d never experienced before.

The Honda CR250, no longer in production, is still the winningest dirt bike in history.  Victories didn’t stop Honda from continuous innovation for 37 years.  CR stands for close-ratio, referring to the transmission.  As I understand it, the gears are close together so that as you shift from one to another, there is minimal drop in power.  Bikes with a wide ratio transmission would bog down each time you’d shift and would lose speed and power, as compared to the CR.

As a leader, what kind of bike are you riding?  Are you winning, and are you continuing to innovate?  Leadership is influence.  Leadership generates power.  In my interactions with incredible leaders, what sets certain leaders ahead of others is their transmission of power.  In other words, their ability to maintain power and influence as they shift from one person to another, from one division to another.  And what do these leaders have that others don’t?  Character and Relatability, or CR!

At affect epic, we help leaders maximize their influence by taking an honest look at their character, where we are out of integrity, where we lack commitment and intention, and our ability to relate to other human beings.   And the results are incredible.  The distance between excellence and perfection is infinite, so wherever you are on the character scale and the relationship scale, there is always room for improvement.  And like earthquakes, moving from 4.1 to 4.3 on the character scale creates epic results.  Let us help you magnify your influence.  Affect Epic.

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