Principles of WORK

This isn’t about working more, or working harder. This is about a paradigm shift, to see things differently. This is about seeing work as a tool to leverage your power. Is work powerful or non-powerful in your life. Is it useful or not useful in your life. Is it creating epic results in your life or not? It goes without saying that hard work is necessary for any significant or epic achievement. In many instances missing the element of hard work is the difference between something not even happening at all, and in many other cases it is the difference in that thing happening well.


Principles of WORK. Hard work is Powerful work:

  • Work Ethic is a pathway to Excellence
  • Own Your Work
  • Powerful Work is driven by Purpose, Clear Intention, and Commitment
  • Powerful Work can be Enjoyable
  • Powerful Work porvides Challenge and Variety
  • Work is a Pathway to You becoming a Person of Character
  • Every Vitrue has a Counterfiet


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